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Reach Out

 'Reach Out' is Council new domestic violence 

It is a new domestic abuse service for any adult who is living in fear of abuse, or being abused. The service also provides help and support for any child who may be witnessing domestic abuse at home.

It also aims to support abusers who are struggling to control their behaviour as it offers helpline and an online support programme designed to prevent abuse from reoccurring.

Support, assistance and advice can be found through any of the social media links, internet sites or telephone numbers listed in the following paragraphs and the flyers below;

  • For Victims - Help and support is always available for anyone suffering from #DomesticAbuse during isolation in #Redbridge. Find support at or call 999 if you are in immediate danger. #ReachOut



  • For Perpetrators - Are you struggling to manage your behaviour and hurting a loved one? Learn how you can stop the abuse from happening by contacting #ReachOut or find support in #Redbridge at 




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