PROUD of The Hatton Way; Learning, Growing, Achieving Together



PROUD of The Hatton Way; Learning, Growing, Achieving Together

As well as indicating our pride in our school / pupils  and our roles / impact here it also stands for the following……..   

                                           P – professional  

                                           R – respectful 

                                           O – organised 

                                           U – understanding 

                                           D – dedicated 

This indicates an expected standard of conduct that we all  hold ourselves and others accountable to as we deliver ‘The Hatton Way’.


  Rights Respecting Schools, Article of the Week:

  Article  2 & 23

 All children have these rights, no matter who they are, where they live, what their parents do, what language they speak, what their religion is, whether they are a boy or girl, what their culture is, whether they have a disability, whether they are rich or poor. No child should be treated                                                                      unfairly on any basis.                                                                 You have the right to special education and care if you have a disability, as well as all the rights in this Convention, so that you can live a full life 










OFSTED - Outstanding School 2018

"The school is highly committed to working with parents and carers to ensure that
pupils’ learning takes place both in and out of the school.."

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