PROUD of The Hatton Way; Learning, Growing, Achieving Together

School staff


Adrienne Wright




Beverley Power

Senior Deputy Headteacher

/ Satellite + Main Stream Link  Co-ordinator



Manuela Mansfield

Deputy Headteacher



Sharon Stanley

Assistant Headteacher



David Gardner

Assistant Headteacher


Lynette Phillips

School Business Leader   


Martine Quinlan

Foundation Stage

Team Leader



Vennita Ramaiya

Team Leader



 Nicole Mallin

Team Leader

Kathleen McGoldrick

Team Leader





In addition all classes are staffed by a minimum of 1 teacher and 2/3 learning support staff.

The school has a large administration team, caretaking, cleaning & kitchen staff.


Hatton School and Special Needs Centre have 1 member of staff that are paid between £100,000 & 110,000 Per annum.


Click Here for information regarding the schools financial bechmarking



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