PROUD of The Hatton Way; Learning, Growing, Achieving Together

School vision and SDP


PROUD of the Hatton Way; Learning, Growing and Achieving Together


Hatton School is a well-established special school, which offers an outstanding service to the children of Redbridge. It is a popular school with an excellent reputation and is well regarded across this and neighbouring boroughs. Hatton is a caring and well-ordered school that is committed to celebrating diversity and promoting mutual respect across our school community. We are one of only a small number of schools in the UK to be awarded Gold status as a Rights Respecting School recognising that we have fully embedded our children’s rights throughout our policies, practice and ethos.

We believe that it is very important for pupils to overcome their barriers to learning as far as they can in order to achieve their full potential. We offer a rich and systematic curriculum, which is individually tailored, delivered through strategies that reflect evidence based good practice and provided in a visually structured and supportive environment.  The overall aims for the children who attend Hatton may well be similar to the aims for children attending a mainstream school, however there are clear differences in terms of resourcing, organisation and the emphasis we place on social interaction, language and communication, self-regulation, emotional wellbeing as well as academic needs.


Pupils at Hatton are welcomed into a safe and secure environment that allows them to learn, grow and achieve together. Pupils are valued and respected for who they are by a team of highly trained adults. Children are listened to and encouraged to make good choices. They are provided with a child centred inclusive curriculum. Children are treated with compassion, respect, fairness and equality.

Parents and Carers

At Hatton all parents / carers will experience a friendly approachable, accessible and welcoming environment that respects all aspects of their child’s education and welfare. Communication between staff and parents / carers will be honest and open. Hatton has a child centred approach that is fair truthful, compassionate and promotes progress. Effective teamwork ensures a consistent open minded approach. We strive to work in partnership with families and value their input and views.


At Hatton we treat colleagues with respect and are helpful and welcoming. We value teamwork, supporting one another and acknowledging everyone’s contribution. We strive to reach our own potential and make the most of everyone’s skills and contributions. New staff are well supported and encouraged to develop new skills.


At Hatton we welcome a range of professionals into a hospitable and supportive school. Our knowledgeable and professional staff work collaboratively with all other professional bodies, both within the school and in the wider community, to support the children and families in our care. We welcome different knowledge, expertise and experience and respect everyone’s contributions into our child centred environment.


Welcome is central to our ethos at Hatton as it is fundamental to inclusion.  Visitors will be given a quick response in a polite way with a friendly smile. We hope that visitors will feel that there is a friendly atmosphere in school. We expect visitors to respect our children and not ask questions or talk about them in their hearing and understand that the children’s needs come first. We treat all visitors with respect.

Please click here to view the full School Self-Evaluation Summary & Development Plan 

Below is an outline of the Hatton Approach to a child friendly environment and a provision map showing the facilities and approaches used to support and develop pupils.

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