PROUD of The Hatton Way; Learning, Growing, Achieving Together

School Times

School Opening Times



9.00 – 2.30

5.5 hours


9.00 – 2.30

11 hours


9.00 – 2.30

16.5 hours


9.00 – 2.30

22 hours


9.00 – 2.30

27.5 hours

Please note that we operate a soft start from 8.30am but all pupils must be in school by 9am.


Please also note that at 2.30pm we start to support pupils to their buses or to meet their parents at the gate and this usually takes until approximately 3pm.

The school has no capacity to adjust the hours of the school day to make it longer as the large majority of pupils are provided with travel assistance by the Local Authority and the buses have dual / follow on routes to other special schools meaning that there is no flexibility for us to make changes.