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Training and Support Team

Hatton School Training and Support Team Vision

The Training and Support Team are a team of professionals that work closely together with staff and parents to meet the individual needs of each pupil in the school.  Both staff and parents/carers are upskilled so that they are well-equipped to embed recommendations into class/ home.  Therapy and Specialist Support is embedded across the school. 

  • All pupils are given opportunities to contribute expressively across their school day, taking into account any AAC needs.
  • Staff use Makaton to support children’s understanding throughout the school day.
  • All aspects of the Structured Teaching Programme (TEACCH) are in place and used consistently across the school.
  • Lessons are highly motivating to ensure that pupils participate in their learning.
  • OT Strategies are used appropriately to support children’s functional, sensory, self-regulation and feeding needs.
  • Green Zones and Intervention hierarchies are in place and followed.
  • Pupils have access to a range of therapies to support their development incl. but not exclusive Music Therapy, K9 Assistance, Yoga and Story Massage

Hatton School Training and Support Team Service Delivery


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