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School meals

Reminder to all that we are a nut free school.

Please ensure that any lunches or snacks that are sent into school must not contain any from of nuts.



Halal Option

Hatton school offers a Halal option for pupils, this is in addition to a non- Halal meat option and a vegetarian option. From the survey we sent out we know that this will be welcomed by many families

Staff will no longer able to reheat or cook food sent in from home

Hatton school will no longer be able to re – heat or cook food sent in from home by parents and carers. We have been told by an Environmental Health Officer that this practice contravenes health requirements and must stop.

We do appreciate that this will be very difficult for some children with limited diets. If your child will not be able to eat any of the hot options provided and cannot eat a cold packed lunch we advise you to purchase a food flask. Mark it clearly with your child’s name with a permanent marker so that it does not get lost, heat the food at home, place it in the flask and this will keep food hot until lunch time.

Food Flasks can be purchased from a variety of shops and online including; Wilko, Argos, Debenhams, Sainsburys and they vary in price but you can purchase one for between £15 - £20 at most of these places. Please remember to put your child’s name on it with a permanent marker as staff cannot be responsible for it being lost if it had no name on it.



For pupils that are pupil premium funded please click here for information on discounts available

To find out if your child could be eligible for free school meals please click here


Hatton School has a new school catering company, the detail are below. As part of this new chapter we are simplifying the process to pay for school dinners by using our existing school payment system '@School Money' which will allow you to pay online for lunches and can be paid by putting credit onto their child’s dinner account. The details and guides for this are also below.


To login to the School Money portal please click here:

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