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Parent training

As a school one of our core values is to work in partnership with families; acknowledging them as the experts on their children, valuing the contribution that they can make to their child’s education and recognising that this is not easy to do this and meet up with other families when their child is not attending a school in their local community.

Unfortunately over the past three academic years, which have been so severely disrupted by Covid19, many opportunities for families to engage in the life of the school community came to a grinding halt; whilst this was deeply regrettable, we realised that it was also an opportunity to review what was in place.

Therefore at the start of the school year 2021-2022 we sent out a parent questionnaire to get parent views on the type of support and parent contact you most value from the school.  The parent questionnaires were analysed by a couple of research students at UCL and based on this we have put together the ‘Parent Partnership/Collaboration Program’. We will throughout the activities get feedback from parents and then adapt this from one year to the next to make improvements.

Coffee Mornings

Coffee mornings are low-key informal meetings for parents and carers, which are organised by the Family Support Advisor (FSA) and the Family Support Advisor Assistant.

Each coffee morning has a specific discussion focus and the FSA's will often arrange for outside agencies to come and lead on the discussion. Of course there will be tea and coffee and an opportunity for catching up with other parents from our school community. We are planning to hold at least one coffee morning per term and hope to see many of you there.


Workshops are short training sessions, which may be lead by therapists, curriculum leaders or members of the school's senior management team. The aim of the workshops are to give our parents / carers a better understanding of a certain topic relevant to their child's needs and development.


Training Opportunities

 Quite different from a workshop, training sessions aim to equip parents / carers with knowledge and skills in the range of strategies that we use at Hatton School to support the children in and around school and the community. We have quite an extensive program of training sessions planned for families. There may be a cost to the training that we provide to cover the cost of the person providing the training. (This will be subsidised for parents in receipt of pupil premuim)

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