PROUD of The Hatton Way; Learning, Growing, Achieving Together

School vision and SDIP

SDIP Headlines 2017-2018

Leadership and


  • To work with the Governing body to ensure their governance continues to be outstanding.
  • To further develop the roles, responsibilities and levels of accountability for senior and middle leaders.
  • To engage all staff in the ESP Positive Workplace Programme and surveys.
  • To review and further embed safer recruitment processes, procedures and timelines.
  • Further embed awareness of Prevent.

Teaching, Learning and


  • To develop the curriculum away from P levels and towards stages of learning and engagement.
  • To develop moderation of work within Hatton and with other special schools. 
  • To develop the use of Orange Files and assessment across the school.
  • To embed peer observations for all class staff, coaching and targeted support to ensure all teaching is good or outstanding.
  • To further develop the use of IRIS and further enhance the sharing of good practice amongst colleagues. 

Personal Development,

Behaviour and


  • To embed the 5P Approach across the school.
  • To remain focused on maintaining good pupil attendance— embed systems and processes and continue to tackle persistent absences.
  • To embed communication across the day.
  • To move from Level 1 to Level 2 as a Rights Respecting School.

Outcomes for Pupils

  • To develop and embed systems and processes for teacher accountability for individual pupil progress.
  • To introduce ASDAN accreditation for pupils in UKS2.
  • To review and develop IEPs in relation to EHCP outcomes.
  • To benchmark and compare Hatton pupil progress with other special schools.

Early Years Foundation Stage

  • To review and improve the aims, values and principles in the EYFS and communicate these to all stakeholders.
  • To review and improve equal opportunities in the EYFS
  • To review and improve the physical environment.



Please click here to view the full School Development Improvement Plan


Below is an outline of the Hatton Approach to a child friendly environment and a provision map showing the facilities and approaches used to support and develop pupils.

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