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Range of Training

Training offered as part of our support service

These training sessions can be offered at mainstream schools as INSET or will be featured in Tuesday Taster sessions at Hatton School.


Understanding Autism

Developing knowledge and understanding of Autism and how it affects social communication, interaction, sensory issues and understanding of the world. We will also look at practical strategies that may help and support the pupil with Autism.

Visual structures and effective support in the classroom

Looking at effective and practical ways to support and encourage independence, language, learning and behaviour.

Setting up a work station

Practical workshop to develop independent working, self occupying skills and self esteem.

Use of social stories

Overview of social story techniques with practical examples.

Use of Incredible 5 point scale

Background on developing social understanding and specific use of 5 point scale as a visual support to self-manage behaviour and emotions.

Circle of friends

Looking at how Circles of Friends can be used as a powerful tool which engages peers in positive support and problem solving.

Intensive Interaction

Background and practical uses in school. Activities to support the development of early interaction skills.

Sherbourne based movement

Introduction to Sherborne based movement – theory and practice.

Understanding sensory needs

Overview of the different types of sensory needs and implications for school life and impact on learning.

Down’s syndrome

Understanding Down’s Syndrome. Typical learning profile. Practical suggestions for addressing needs in schools settings.


Background theory and practical ideas for addressing needs.

Phonics and phonology

Theory and practical advice.

Introduction to numicon

An overview of theory and practical demonstration with hands on opportunities to play with resources.

Introduction to PECS

An introduction to PECS - how and why we use it with practical examples of PECS in use.

Introduction to Makaton

An introduction to MAKATON with an opportunity to learn 30 signs and symbols relevant to children in school

Running social skills/language groups

Practical ideas and activities to run a social skills/language group.

Music communication social groups

An interactive workshop on using music to promote

social understanding and language


To request training, talk to your Hatton Outreach Teacher or click here to open the training request form.

If you have a particular training need that is not shown here, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss further.


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