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The school runs an activity playscheme takes place during some of the school holidays. These are at times only available for certain age groups and the program of activities is planned with this in mind. Please note which keystage that the current playscheme is being run for.

The Playscheme offers a wide range of activities.

Children may be given the opportunity to be involved and participate in:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Sensory and exploratory play
  • Cooking
  • Ballpool
  • Softplay room
  • Table top games
  • Circle and team games
  • Physical activities
  • Drama
  • Sherbourne
  • Out and about trips
  • Splashpool

The program of activities is flexible, as it may be necessary to change the activities due to weather, needs of the children or unforeseen circumstances.

Snacks and lunch

Please provide healthy snacks, drinks and a packed lunch for your child each day. We will be having snack and lunchtime in the gym as a group. Please remember that we are a NUT FREE school and to not send in any items of food that may contain nuts.

Important Information

We will require a great deal of information to ensure that all the children’s needs are met.  Such as medical information, dietary information, contact addresses and emergency contacts etc.  Therefore it is important that the form provided (Proforma) is fully completed, as we like to be fully prepared for any eventuality that may occur.

We must have this information before the Playscheme otherwise your child will not be able to attend. A new sheet must be completed every scheme. If your child has been before, the last proforma cannot be used again a new one needs to be completed.

Medication must be brought into school, clearly labelled with dosage instructions, and given to a member of staff, not left in your child’s bag.                                                                      


All members of staff work within the school and will be familiar with and have a good understanding of children with needs. However, some of the staff do not directly work with your child, so any specific information on the needs of your child will need to be detailed on the proforma or sent in writing prior to your child attending the scheme.

The children will be organised into small groups, a Play Leader will be allocated to a group with the number of Play workers needed to ensure the needs of the children are met.

Please also note that you may not get the number of days that you have requested – this is due to the fact that we only have a limited number of staff working in the holidays and some children require 1:1 support. We do try to be far and allocate as many days as we can.

Out and About

We may take the children on “Out and About” trips within the local vicinity. Children will therefore need to bring in suitable clothing. Appropriate risk assessments have been carried out for this.

Splashpool Session

The children may take part in a splashpool session whilst at the Playscheme.  Therefore please make sure your child has appropriate swimwear and a towel for use during this activity.

If you have any queries or would like more information please do not hesitate to contact

Alli / Kudejah at Hatton School 02085514131

please click on the form you require:

Proforma for Hatton School pupils

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