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Below are some website links

that you may find useful:



Safer searching at Paws Explore

- here you will find information and a way to search the Internet using safer internet browser. 
- here you will find games that are simple for the children to use. These can be used with anything from a single mouse click or space-bar press to full mouse use.
- here you will find a web browser that was designed for Autistic children. It is simple and safe for the children to use. You can use it with or without installing it, just follow the on screen instructions to find out how. The browser will allow them to access a range of games, stories, music activities and more.
- here you will find various activities - some of which the children use at school. There is a mixture of free and trail software to choose from (which are updated and added on a regular basis). 
here you can download free games that are simple for the children to use.  These can be used with anything from a single mouse click or spacebar press to full mouse use. 
If you would like to help your child with learning to match colours, counting up to 10, finding the odd one out and sequencing. then click the link above. These activities are quite simple but help is needed to finish one task and move on to the next. 
Here you can design your own sensory room, find out how to be safer in the kitchen, send an e-card to friends and family or try different types of music. You can enter “” as just a guest or you can register. It is free to use. 
At "poissionrouge" you can access a great range of games and activities that are suitable for all levels and abilities. Time is well spent thoroughly exploring this site.