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Activities in event of school closures or self-isolation


Below are a number of activities and websites that you may find useful for you and your children during any school closures or self-isolation.

Please click the quick links below to go to each section:

Websites to offer support to parents

Healthy Living


Websites to Support Home Learning

Internet Safety






Additional Information 

  • David Walliams is releasing a new audio book every day for the next moth. To access books click the link above.  

PE With Joe Wicks on YouTube

  • Week days at 9am but you can visit any time to view the workout. Just search "pe with JoeWicks" 

Actvity Village

  • offer free downloadable packs

  • offers free downloadable packs (OT based actvities)

  • some makton videos




Websites to offer support to parents:          (Return to top)

  • Children and adolescent mental health support resource

  • Wellbeing advice for all ages

  • Samaritans

  • Self help resources for mental health issues 

Attention Autism

  • powerpoint kindly compiled Kathleen McGoldrick - Hatton School

Gina Davies - Attention Autism Videos

  • here you will find Gina Davies' videos - parents may find these useful.


Healthy Living:          (Return to top)

  • Fit, Healthy and Safe – Freddy Fit

  • Mental Well-Being Resources – important when dealing with isolation, coronavirus anxieties and the general pressure facing families at the moment…


Bereavement:          (Return to top)


Websites to Support Home Learning:          (Return to top)

Education City (click here for website)

Education City (click here for instruction)

  • here you will find engaging, educational resources and games for students aged 3-12 years.
  • this can be accessed on both pc, tablet or ipad.
  • login with school supplied user account details. 

Busy Things

  • here you will find Resources covering early years and primary (ages 3-11) across the whole curriculum
  • this can be accessed on both pc, tablet or ipad.
  • login with school supplied user account details (these are the same as used for education city)

Purple Mash (click here for website)

Purple Mash (click here for instructions)

  • here you will find various educational resources and gameson line and printable activities.
  • this can be accessed on both pc, tablet or ipad.
  • login with school supplied user account details. 

Twinkl (click here for website)

  • register or use exsisting account - use offer code UKTWINKLHELPS for one month ultimate membership totally free of charge.
  • here you will find various printable activities to complete for all.
  • this can be accessed on both pc, tablet or ipad. (click here for website)

  • here you will find a web browser that was designed for Autistic children. It is simple and safe for the children to use. You can use it with or without installing it, just follow the on screen instructions to find out how. The browser will allow them to access a range of games, stories, music activities and more.
  • this can be accessed on both pc, tablet or ipad. (click here for website) (click here for instructions) 

  •  This is a great website to develop a wide range of resources especially literacy and numeracy. These can then be personalised for pupils and differentiated for their levels.

Hatton Newsletters

  •  Please look at our current and past newsletters as these contain reading and other activity suggestions. (click here for website) 

  • Here you find a number of free downloadable home learning packs which can be printed.

  • Maths support for Parents (LGfL log-in required)[Discovery_Cards]-[Multi_Site]-[SL02]-[PS_TEACH~N~~A_FiveWaystoKeepYourChildrenOccupiedAtHome]

  • 5 ways to Keep your Children Active (and Learning) at Home


Internet Safety:          (Return to top)

  • (loud!)

  • (NEW: home activity packs)


English:          (Return to top)

  • Reading resources and free online books
    Free E-Reading Books

  • Children’s on-line Books

  • Talking Stories KS1

  • Talking Stories 3

  • Talking Stories Upper KS2

  • Read Aloud Stories

  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar

  • Purple Rocket – Audio Adventures

  • Early Shakespeare (4 Levels)

  • Cbeebies Radio - Listening activities for the younger ones.

  • Storyline online


Phonics:          (Return to top)

  • Phonics Song

  • Alphabet Song

  • RWI phonics (YouTube)

  • RWI Set 2 Sounds

Grammar:          (Return to top)

  • Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

  • Grammar Explained (requires LGfL log-in)

  • One picture, one teaching resource, every day

  • Once Upon A Picture – stimulus


Mathematics:          (Return to top)

Maths with Carol Voderman

  • Free access to her maths website.

  • Maths Learning support but you need a free Kahoot account for the quizzes

  • Maths – Hit The Button speed practise

  • For a 3D hunt around the house

  • Maths Problem Solving

  • Maths is Fun – Games, Puzzles and Maths information

  • Maths in the real World – why do we need to learn maths? (LGfL log-in required)

Science:          (Return to top)
Mystery Science 

  • Free science lessons

Operation Ouch

  • Human Biology and First Aid Training for children with Dr Chris and Dr Xand 

Nature Detectives

  • A lot of these can be done in a garden, or if you can get to a remote forest location!

  • Make your own Bread (Younger Children)

  • Make your own Bread(Older Children)

  • Science Fun

  • Cooking

  • Science Video Clips BBC

Years 1 & 2:

Years 3 & 4:

Years 5 & 6:

  • Virtual Experiments – Science based virtual experiments machines/pulleys/

  • Gears, Levers and Pulleys


Additional info:          (Return to top)

How to set up guided access on an ipad